We Make Good Happen

Hello. My name is Matt Callanan. 

We Make Good Happen is a personal project to inspire & leave a legacy for my 1 year old boy Alby. I’m aiming to do 403 good things to positively impact people.

This is my current list of Good Deeds I’ve completed

This idea came to me as a result of meeting my hero Bill Murray (in George Clooney’s house while I was filming a documentary!), wanting to be more like my dad Morgan (who was an amazing person, who did lots for other people and was a real benefit in his community – but unfortunately passed away from cancer at 58) and wanting to inspire my 1 year old son Alby. I wanted to leave him with some ideas on how make people a little bit happier. (and maybe help make the world a better place)

Why 403 good deeds? What’s Bill Murray got to do with it? Read the story here.

Groundhog & Phil (Bill Murray) / Little Me & My Dad / Little Alby and Me

We Make Good Happen

Each of the 403 good things I do will be genuine and authentic. If it makes people smile or makes their day a bit better then great. Job done.

If this inspires anyone else to do any acts of kindness for other people then that’s a good bonus.

Here’s my boy Alby helping stack cans for a van load of food that we took to a food bank that was on the verge of closing down.

We Make Good Happen

This is Alby helping me clear up (and weed) the entrance to a local nursery:

Helping clear up entrance to local nursery


Me: I’m an ex-worldwide DJ and music producer and now I’m a film maker at my video production company Callapro Films

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Me filming at George Clooney’s house (where the inspiration was kickstarted)

George Clooney - We Make Good Happen


Act of Kindness

Matt and Alby