Here’s a list of the Good Deeds I’ve done so far.

Some of these Good Deeds will seem small. Some others Good Deeds might take a bit more effort. I like to think that even if they have a small positive impact on that person (whether you know them or not), then it makes it worthwhile.


  1. Took a Big Issue seller shopping for food and essential items.Steffan - The Big Issue - We Make Good Happen
  2. Loaned my  Canon 5D DSLR camera to an up and coming photographer (never met her before) – who had started a kickstarter campaign to buy one.  (She takes great photos!)
  3. After hearing about parents that went without food during the summer holidays so their kids could eat we helped fed a few families that needed it, with some bags of food donations that would keep them stocked up for a few weeks.Western MaiTrolley of food
  4. Designed and produced an A2 film poster (with the help of the very talented Liam that works for me) full of positive comments and framed it for a girl that was body shamed on the way to her prom. Film Poster
  5. Picked up family who got lost (on the way to the theatre) and were walking down a dual carriageway. Got them to their show on time too.(Got an unofficial award of Cardiffian of the Week from I Loves the Diff )dual
  6. Regularly do the Good Morning Run (reveal details soon)
  7. Helped an old person at the tip by taking all his rubbish from the car and putting into the bins for him #MicroGoodDeed
  8. Helped a friend move house #GoodFriendDeed #MicroGoodDeedmove_house
  9. Made a surprise visit to my Uncle and Aunty who live a couple of hundred miles away. My Uncle Neil was very happy to see me! #GoodFamilyDeedUncle Neil
  10. While out for a run I ran past an old couple trying to change wheel on punctured wheel. I jacked up the car, swapped over the wheel for the spare. All good. Carried on running.Changing WheelChange WheelChanging WheelChanging Wheel
  11. Currently lending small sums of money to 16 entrepreneurs in Africa via the amazing charity Deki (do go check them out and think about loaning some money)DekiDeki
  12. Unknown to wife, bought new wheel hubs for her car (old ones were knackered), cleaned and vacuumed car and then took it to the car wash and also filled up the tank full of petrol. #GoodHusbandDeedHub New Hubs
  13. Paid for a family to go swimming in the queue behind me. (They were super grateful and kept on waving at Alby and myself in the pool with massive smiles on their faces) Pool
  14. Paid for person’s car parking ticket #MicroGoodDeed
  15. Paid for ferry tickets so that cyclist & cameraman could get from Dover to the Jungle in Calais (to do some very good work there) on a sponsored bike ride.calaiscalais2
  16. Bought a homeless person a pie
  17. Person was lost on way to train station. Gave them directions and also gave them my return ticket so they could get into the city centre.
  18. Help the charity Deki by producing a video for free to promote their Trade it Like Bruno campaign Deki
  19. Donated a day of my camerawork for free for the amazing charity Whizz Kidz (when I filmed them for BBC National Lottery programme)Whizz KidzWhizz Kidz
  20. Walked a mum with a baby back to their car late at night to make they were safe (and held an umbrella as it was raining). Also helped getting the buggy into the car.
  21. Offered marketing advice to The Big Issue (and got to sell the Big Issue on the streets!)Selling The Big Issue
  22. Paid it forward with 5 meals at El Paso restaurantEl Paso Pay It Forward
  23. Gave away 1000s of my beloved vinyl to a fellow vinyl lovers. 🙁  #GoodFriendDeed
  24. Become a Big List subscriber as We Make Good Happen with The Big IssueBig Issue
  25. Inspired a few people to collectively donate a load of food to help a food bank that was on the verge of closing. We ended up with a van load of food.Van for Food Bank
  26. Alby and myself cleared up and weeded an entrance to a local nursery so it was all tidy and clean for the other children. #GoodFatherSonDeedNurseryNurseryNursery
  27. Cleared up elderly neighbours garden that was full of leaves due to massive tree that has over taken her garden. She can now walk around it. #GoodNeighbourDeedLeavesBags of leaves
  28. Was a Guide Runner for my friend Emma (who has Cerebal Palsy) who took part in the Cardiff 1/2 Marathon.Guide Runner - Cardiff 1/2 Marathon
    Also made this documentary about her:
  29. Cleared up and swept up a back lane belonging to a number of our neighbours #GoodNeighbourDeed #MicroGoodDeedSweep
  30. Giving away my vintage Star Wars Collection to a couple of kids for Christmas #ChristmasGoodDeedStar Wars
  31. Paid for 4 pints of Guinness (for the next random customers) at Cork Airport after spending a lovely time filming around Ireland #InternationalGoodDeedGuinness
  32. With my wife Andrea we gave out Winter Warmer packs (of hats, gloves, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste) to homelessWinter Warmer Bags for HomelessWinter Warmer Bags for Homeless
  33. Whenever I go shopping and have to put a £1 in to ‘hire’ the trolley – when I’m done with it I pass it onto the next person (and refuse the pound when they offer it). Today’s trolley went to a young mum and her kid.
  34. Put together 5 gift boxes full of toiletries for women in refuges in Cardiff and South Wales. Run by the amazing Project Shoebox CardiffProject Shoebox Cardiff
  35. Donated $10 to a friend in the US who came up with the great idea of asking for donations to help feed the homeless on her birthday. She raised ¢910!
    “Thank you all for your amazing generosity. Yesterday we made 150 organic turkey sandwiches- each filled with love and handed out 100 pairs of warm wool socks. It was beautiful to witness our greater community come together”
  36. Helped feed and serve up food for 301 homeless people in Austin, Texas (while I was there at a film conference) “Thank you so much for helping us in the Community Kitchen at Caritas of Austin today! Thanks to you, 301 people had a warm meal and a welcoming place to enjoy lunch.”Austin Food bank Austin Food bankCommunity Kitchen - Austin
  37. Made up 15 treat bags and big bag of festive treats for people alone at Christmas. A local community centre (that is run by volunteers) [MaesyCoed Community Centre] are welcoming in people in on Christmas day.Maes-y-Coed Community CentreMaes-y-Coed Community Centre
  38. Took another of my local Big Issue sellers shopping as a Christmas treat to her and her family. Made sure there were some nice meals, meat and treats for her family (she has 5 children here).
    And of course bought the Xmas edition of the The Big Issue magazine.Basket for Big Issue VendorThe Big Issue
  39. Made up the 1st ever ‘Box from Bill’ as a Christmas treat for one of my elderly neighbours.Box from BillBox from Bill
  40. Filmed for free for Children’s hospice Tŷ Hafan when Santa visited the children at the centre to hand out Christmas presents. Was so moved by what I saw I said to the charity we’d some do some films for free in 2017. (Bonus I did get to meet Santa and he said I’d been a good boy)Ty Hafan - Santa
  41. Fixed a neighbours computer as their internet stopped working. (My Computer Science degree finally came in handy – had to reset the TCP/IP  stack) #SmallGeekyNeighbourGoodDeed
  42. Gave Blood. Would encourage everyone to give blood at some point. Really simple, doesn’t hurt really, but will be helping save lives. Can’t really get better than that. Why give blood?



Good Deeds in process:


  • Looking to adopt a nan/grandad in Cardiff (someone who might be elderly and lonely)
  • Fixing up and painting a nursery animal wall round the corner from my house that’s faded and in need of repair. (My son goes to another nursery around the corner but we walk past this wallNursery Wall
  • Finding the water bottle footballers and giving them the football I bought for themfootball