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So it all started with this:

Today more than most days I felt compelled to show compassion and respect to our lovely visitors and residents in our country.

I wanted to show that most of us care about fellow humans, wherever they’re from, whatever they look like, whatever language they speak, whatever religion they may have. They are welcome.

So on the way to lunch I approached Steffan (who’s from Romania and speaks little English) – our local Big Issue seller (who occasionally I buy a sandwich for)

I made him come with me into the local supermarket, I gave him a basket, and said to him to fill it up.

At first he was reluctant and didn’t believe me. But I made sure we went round all the aisles and pointed at the various items.

Occasionally he would say “Ok enough”.
I’d reply “no no…we must fill the basket”

We filled the basket with fruit, veg, bread, milk, chickens, shampoo, washing tablets (and other items most of us take for granted) and I made him put some chocolate in for his family (he has 5 kids).

After I paid….with the biggest smile on his face, he gave me a hug, a kiss and said “My brother, my brother” and keep touching his heart, and pulled me in for a hug again.

That my friends is how we should treat all fellow humans. With dignity. With love. With compassion. With respect.

We are you friends.


PS anyone can do this kind of simple act to make a difference. To make someone smile. To make someone happy. To maybe make someone’s day.

PPS When I wanted to buy a copy of The Big Issue from him he didn’t want to accept my £2.50. He wanted to give it to me for free. Obviously I refused. What a gent.

The Big Issue picked up on my post and made it Comment of the Week. Nice surprise!

The Big Issue - We Make Good Happen