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Achieving 403 good deeds -inspired by meeting Bill Murray (in George Clooney's house!) and my dad to inspire and leave a legacy for my 1 year old

Help us put on a party for 100 year old lady (who has no family)

100 year old Marjorie Ovens

100 year old Marjorie Ovens


This lovely lady is 100 (and has no family). We only found out her birthday was yesterday – I said let’s continue her celebration.

I said let’s take the Party to HER! 🙂 We Make Good Happen

Have spoken to the care home this morning and they love the idea.

We will meeting here at 2.20pm this Saturday. 4th March.
Eleanor Hodson House, Lodge Road, Caerleon, Newport, NP18 3QZ

There are 32 other people in the care home. They reckon at least 20 people will join us in the dining room for the event.

Let’s go and entertain them and say hello to lovely elderly people and put on a great party for them.

Let us know below/message me if you’d like to be involved. (We need to know numbers to let them know)

We need singers / entertainers / cake makers / balloons / people who’d like to chat to some elderly people / any other ideas?

(Reckon it would be an hour of your time)

** Update we have some singers on board – do let us know if you’d like to join us ***

Kids welcome too.

Help share the news!


Thanks – Matt


Email us: wemakegoodhappen@gmail.com




Why am I hiding £10 notes in envelopes around a city?



Yes it’s a fun concept that people can have a little adventure with and hopefully the people that find the £10s will do some good with it.

(The concept of the day is explained below)

The real reason I’m doing this is to create discussion and highlight that it doesn’t take ANY money to have a positive impact on 1 person (or many people).


Time, skills and showing love and compassion to others are some of your most powerful things you have. We all have these qualities.

Some of my best Good Deeds that I’ve done just requires volunteering my time (free!) or using my skills as filmmaker/video producer for a charity (also free!)

One of my best ever good deeds was helping to feed 301 homeless people in Austin, Texas when I was aboard with my filming. I had most of the day spare before I flew back to London. I had noticed the homeless situation was quite bad, so got in touch with the local foodbank and asked if I could come and help out. It was extremely humbling and quite emotional. But I thought what a great use of time. A couple of hours and it impacted 301 people.

What skills do you have that you could use for Good with a cause, charity or within your community?

We can all make spare time. A couple of hours could be well spent volunteering. You’ll be probably get a lot out of it and feel great. I know I do.

People we should be helping:

  • The Elderly
  • The Homeless
  • The Disabled
  • Welcoming the Refugees

With these hidden £10 notes I can now reveal that each location will be connected to a charity and cause that I really believe it.

We Make Good Happen – is now no longer about me just doing 403 Good Deeds to leave as a legacy for 1 year old boy – this is about involving you.

The We Make Good Happen group is open to everyone.

We Make Good Happen is aiming to collectively achieve 12,000 Good Deeds. (all around the world)

So do join our page and let us know what Good Deeds you’ve been doing for others and for your community.

The world needs a bit more Good Happening. You can be a part of it.

Thank you – Matt


£10 Concept:

Join us and we can help make the world a better place:




On air: BBC Radio

“Quite possibly the coolest, or the luckiest, guest we’ve ever had on”

I went on BBC Radio Wales to talk about doing Good Deeds, leaving a legacy and my search to adopt a nan or grandad. Had a great time. Have a listen:

BBC Radio

BBC Radio

Do you know someone old and lonely?

*** This is a genuine offer ***

Do you know someone that is old and lonely?



Do you know an elderly person who might not have family or have family that lives away?

I’m looking for someone who might want an occasional visit to say hello and have a chat over a nice cup of tea (I’m a pretty good listener and I might bring Welsh Cakes too!).

I just to let them know there’s someone out there to say hello and someone that is thinking of them.

Looking for someone preferably in (or near) the Roath/Cathays area of Cardiff.

If it works out perhaps we can adopt a nan/grandad

If you know someone – please email on:


Thanks – Matt – We Make Good Happen


Project Shoebox – Helping women in refuge

Project Shoebox Cardiff

Look out for these kind of appeals in your area.

Just about to take 5 gift boxes we’ve put together full of toiletries for women in refuges in Cardiff and the South Wales area. @projectshoeboxcardiff

Tomorrow is the last day if you want to get involved in Cardiff. (There are similar appeals going on around the UK)

Details here about drop off and what to include:


These kind of things really do make a difference to people that are going through/have been through a difficult time. It shows that people care for them.

Christmas is a perfect time to be compassionate for other people.

Watch why Mali setup the project:

Top work to Mali Taylor-Powell & her volunteers that make this happen. Sterling work for super worthy cause.

** Total respect to Mali Taylor-Powell – she pretty much dedicates 6 weeks every year making this happen **

Thanks to Andrea Callanan for some bonus makeup she added


Project Shoebox Cardiff

Alby helping out with packing the gift boxes (Make that unpacking!!!)

Project Shoebox Cardiff

They recently dropped off 209 boxes already this year:

Project Shoebox Cardiff
Last year’s amazing contributions!

Project Shoebox Cardiff

#WeMakeGoodHappen #GoodDeed

Giving away my Vintage Star Wars Collection

I love Star Wars. I absolutely loved it when I was a kid. I love it now as an adult/big kid.


I had hung onto some of my Star Wars figures  as it had sentimental value and some great memories attached.

A few years ago I also bought a big box of Star Wars bits from a guy who had found a load stashed away in his attic from his child hood and needed the money.

Now it’s time to pass on these lovely pieces of Star Wars joy and hopefully help make a kid (or a couple of kids) Christmas. (I have kept a few figures back that are on top of my speaker. And if Alby gets into Star Wars when he’s older I can always find a few bits for him)

So I’d like to help make a kid’s Christmas by giving away my Star Wars collection for We Make Good Happen

Do you know a kid (or kids) (not an adult Star Wars geek like myself) that would love some genuine bits from the 80s as a bonus Christmas present?

This isn’t going to be first come first served. Feel free to msg me or send an email to: wemakegoodhappen@gmail.com

This might be for a family/parent who is struggling and this would help them a bit for Christmas.

I may split this into two job lots. Also as it’s 2nd hand some bits are missing etc (** Updated found some important bits for millennium falcon – see last pics)

Thanks! Matt Callanan



Star Wars Collection

Star Wars CollectionStar Wars Collection

Star Wars CollectionStar Wars Collection

Star Wars CollectionStar Wars Collection

Star Wars CollectionStar Wars Collection

Star Wars Collection

Star Wars Collection




Big Thanks!

“Thank you so much for everything. We know that thanks to everyone we don’t need to spend time getting urgent appeals out for a long time. We are all so happy and relieved that we won’t have to turn people away.” – Eastbank Foodbank Swansea

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks from myself and We Make Good Happen to all the people/groups/ #Cardiff that helped contribute food/spread the word for the Swansea food bank that was on the verge of closing down.

They only had a few cans on the shelves and it was the first time in 2 1/2 years that they thought they were going to close down.



A few weeks ago I drove down to Swansea with a van load of all your contributions. Collectively it was a great effort. And you can now see from the pictures that the shelves are now full and they have a good pile of backup food too. Which importantly means people, families and children that really need it are receiving food.

We Make Good Happen van

Food Donations

Food donations

Got to meet the lovely Janet R-Lewis from EASTSIDE FOODBANK SWANSEA – who (along with others) are great things donating a lot of their time to help run the place.

This is now what the shelves at the food bank look like:

Eastbank Food Bank Swansea

Thank you to: (and everyone else I’ve missed – you know who you are so BIG thanks!)

Nena Lovesey-Morgans (who kindly donated £20 she found on floor)
Steve Robson Kate Robson
Helen Johns & Steve & family Freya Johns
Ed Richmond & Jo Richmond
Andrea Callanan
Sing & Inspire
Team InspireMe
Blue Stag
Welsh Assembly Creative Dept
Businesses in Saint Line House & Lynda
Sue Callanan
Sue Ashley & Martin
Lalovely Phoenix & We Are Cardiff
Amanda Harvey
Stephanie Evans
Lee Temporal
Alison Smith
Cath Smith
Kate Haynes
Elizabeth Davies
Aimee Grant
Michelle Graham & http://damselsinsuccess.co.uk/cardiff/
Emma Louise Sorano
Hanna Symis
Laura Jane Dernie
Joe Bellshaw
Emily Lewis
Jenni Phillips
Josh Kirton-Davies
Elaine Reeves
Callapro Films
Emma Bennett
Shaunnah Crosbie
Wales Online

#WeMakeGoodHappen #Cardiff #Swansea #foodbank

Lauren Laverne – BBC 6Music

Lauren Laverne – BBC 6 Music

SoI got to go on the lovely Lauren Laverne’s show on 6Music and talk about three tunes that have inspired me on the Biorhythms section. With the last track I selected I got to talk about Bill Murray and We Make Good Happen. Was such an amazing experience.





Good Deed 1 (of 403)

Good Deed 1 (of 403) – Take someone shopping who needs it.

Steffan - The Big Issue - We Make Good Happen

So it all started with this:

Today more than most days I felt compelled to show compassion and respect to our lovely visitors and residents in our country.

I wanted to show that most of us care about fellow humans, wherever they’re from, whatever they look like, whatever language they speak, whatever religion they may have. They are welcome.

So on the way to lunch I approached Steffan (who’s from Romania and speaks little English) – our local Big Issue seller (who occasionally I buy a sandwich for)

I made him come with me into the local supermarket, I gave him a basket, and said to him to fill it up.

At first he was reluctant and didn’t believe me. But I made sure we went round all the aisles and pointed at the various items.

Occasionally he would say “Ok enough”.
I’d reply “no no…we must fill the basket”

We filled the basket with fruit, veg, bread, milk, chickens, shampoo, washing tablets (and other items most of us take for granted) and I made him put some chocolate in for his family (he has 5 kids).

After I paid….with the biggest smile on his face, he gave me a hug, a kiss and said “My brother, my brother” and keep touching his heart, and pulled me in for a hug again.

That my friends is how we should treat all fellow humans. With dignity. With love. With compassion. With respect.

We are you friends.


PS anyone can do this kind of simple act to make a difference. To make someone smile. To make someone happy. To maybe make someone’s day.

PPS When I wanted to buy a copy of The Big Issue from him he didn’t want to accept my £2.50. He wanted to give it to me for free. Obviously I refused. What a gent.

The Big Issue picked up on my post and made it Comment of the Week. Nice surprise!

The Big Issue - We Make Good Happen


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