Project Shoebox Cardiff

Look out for these kind of appeals in your area.

Just about to take 5 gift boxes we’ve put together full of toiletries for women in refuges in Cardiff and the South Wales area. @projectshoeboxcardiff

Tomorrow is the last day if you want to get involved in Cardiff. (There are similar appeals going on around the UK)

Details here about drop off and what to include:

These kind of things really do make a difference to people that are going through/have been through a difficult time. It shows that people care for them.

Christmas is a perfect time to be compassionate for other people.

Watch why Mali setup the project:

Top work to Mali Taylor-Powell & her volunteers that make this happen. Sterling work for super worthy cause.

** Total respect to Mali Taylor-Powell – she pretty much dedicates 6 weeks every year making this happen **

Thanks to Andrea Callanan for some bonus makeup she added


Project Shoebox Cardiff

Alby helping out with packing the gift boxes (Make that unpacking!!!)

Project Shoebox Cardiff

They recently dropped off 209 boxes already this year:

Project Shoebox Cardiff
Last year’s amazing contributions!

Project Shoebox Cardiff

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