Yes it’s a fun concept that people can have a little adventure with and hopefully the people that find the £10s will do some good with it.

(The concept of the day is explained below)

The real reason I’m doing this is to create discussion and highlight that it doesn’t take ANY money to have a positive impact on 1 person (or many people).


Time, skills and showing love and compassion to others are some of your most powerful things you have. We all have these qualities.

Some of my best Good Deeds that I’ve done just requires volunteering my time (free!) or using my skills as filmmaker/video producer for a charity (also free!)

One of my best ever good deeds was helping to feed 301 homeless people in Austin, Texas when I was aboard with my filming. I had most of the day spare before I flew back to London. I had noticed the homeless situation was quite bad, so got in touch with the local foodbank and asked if I could come and help out. It was extremely humbling and quite emotional. But I thought what a great use of time. A couple of hours and it impacted 301 people.

What skills do you have that you could use for Good with a cause, charity or within your community?

We can all make spare time. A couple of hours could be well spent volunteering. You’ll be probably get a lot out of it and feel great. I know I do.

People we should be helping:

  • The Elderly
  • The Homeless
  • The Disabled
  • Welcoming the Refugees

With these hidden £10 notes I can now reveal that each location will be connected to a charity and cause that I really believe it.

We Make Good Happen – is now no longer about me just doing 403 Good Deeds to leave as a legacy for 1 year old boy – this is about involving you.

The We Make Good Happen group is open to everyone.

We Make Good Happen is aiming to collectively achieve 12,000 Good Deeds. (all around the world)

So do join our page and let us know what Good Deeds you’ve been doing for others and for your community.

The world needs a bit more Good Happening. You can be a part of it.

Thank you – Matt


£10 Concept:

Join us and we can help make the world a better place: