We Make Good Happen

Some questions I’ll answer:

How did We Make Good Happen come about?

Why 403 good deeds?

What’s Bill Murray got to do with it? 

What’s your dad got to do with it?

What the dickens were you doing in George Clooney’s house?

The 403 Story Short:

+ Filmed in George Clooney’s house.

+ Met my hero Bill Murray.

+ Feeling pretty lucky bought lottery scratch card. Won £20

+ Put the winning £20 towards taking a Big Issue seller shopping

+ One of my fav Bill Murray movies is Groundhog Day

+ Figured it would be fun to be more like the ‘good’ Phil (Bill Murray) in Groundhog Day where he does lots of Good Deeds for people.

+ Wanted to carry on good work my Dad did and leave a legacy for my son Alby.

+ Decided it would be fun to do 403 Good Deeds for Bill Murray/ My Dad/My son.

+ Why 403? You’ll have to read the long story.


The 403 Story Long:

So it all started with this lovely man:


George Clooney

My job is a director and cameraman and I run my own video production company Callapro Films.

Occasionally I’ll get asked to film some quite high profile people like Richard Branson as part of the job. This time a New York film company – who I’d worked for before – asked me to see if I could arrange the filming of a high profile film star. This time it turned out to be George Clooney.

We were in George’s house for most of the day setting up and filming for a US documentary for TV called ASPIREist.

Here’s the segment we filmed:

George was a seriously nice man. It was great to meet him. It was an exciting and surreal day given how world famous he is.

We were all pretty chuffed with how it went.

While I was down one end of the house by his bar in his summer house setting down the lights I heard George come back into the room as say “If it’s ok I’m just showing my friend around.”

We said sure. As the two got closer to me at the bar George said to the other person “Look he’s even started tucking into my drinks”

As I stood up a hand was extended to shake mine “Hi – I’m Bill”. I looked up and quickly realised it was my hero Bill Murray. “Hi – I’m………..Matt” nearly forgetting my own name.

Bill Murray

So George showed Bill around while I mouthed “IT’S BILL MURRAY! IT’S BILL MURRAY!” to the other crew.

They said bye to us as they left. This was turning out to be an amazing day.

Soon after we left George’s house and was driving home I popped into a garage to pickup a bottle of water.

As I stood in the queue to pay I saw the cabinet of lottery cards and thought today feels pretty lucky – so if I’m destined to win a million pounds it’s going to be today.

So bought a scratch card.

I scratched off the blocks and got 3 matching numbers. I’d won big time!

Well £20. But I’d won. The luck had continued.

A few days after the filming I became quite pensive about the amazing day I’d had.

I realised it would be very hard to top that day. I’d filmed at a massive film star’s house. I’d met Bill Murray. And I’d won the lottery.